Katharina: <thinks> He really thinks a lot of that man ... and he could be a traitor ...
Katharina: Eh ... you seem to know Master Peck pretty well, hm?
Halen: <smiles> Yes we are pretty close ... he is a very nice and caring person, under this ... cold crust, believe me.
Katharina: <thinks> "Pretty close"? How ... CLOSE exactly? No, I can't ask that!
Halen: I REALLY hope you'll give him a chance, darling ...
Katharina: I ... I will. For you, I promise.
Katharina: <thinks> Could they be ... romantically involved? Would he DO that? Or Peck? GODS I hope not!
<Halen cuddles her>
Halen: You're a sweet girl, Katharina!
Katharina: <thinks> That would be SOOO ... AWKWARD.



Alt-text: "Right, Kat, 'awkward'. Not 'hot'."

Easily distracted much?

Homosexuality is still not a thing you'd do publically among humans or byzarians here ... but she seems to have had some suspicions about him before, otherwise she would be so quick to come to that conclusion, wouldn't she?

Updated on 2018-03-02: I have to retcon a bit what I wrote above (in the comment, not the comic itself) - by that time Katharina knows Halen well enough that she is well aware of his sexuality - so the thing she hopes Halen didn't do is less "do it with a man" and more "do it with their boss who is much older and might be a traitor" ...

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