Easily distracted much?

Homosexuality is still not a thing you’d do publically among humans or byzarians here … but she seems to have had some suspicions about him before, otherwise she would be so quick to come to that conclusion, wouldn’t she?

Updated on 2018-03-02: I have to retcon a bit what I wrote above (in the comment, not the comic itself) – by that time Katharina knows Halen well enough that she is well aware of his sexuality – so the thing she hopes Halen didn’t do is less “do it with a man” and more “do it with their boss who is much older and might be a traitor” …

↓ Transcript
Katharina: <thinks> He really thinks a lot of that man ... and he could be a traitor ...
Katharina: Eh ... you seem to know Master Peck pretty well, hm?
Halen: <smiles> Yes we are pretty close ... he is a very nice and caring person, under this ... cold crust, believe me.
Katharina: <thinks> "Pretty close"? How ... CLOSE exactly? No, I can't ask that!
Halen: I REALLY hope you'll give him a chance, darling ...
Katharina: I ... I will. For you, I promise.
Katharina: <thinks> Could they be ... romantically involved? Would he DO that? Or Peck? GODS I hope not!
<Halen cuddles her>
Halen: You're a sweet girl, Katharina!
Katharina: <thinks> That would be SOOO ... AWKWARD.