Updated on 2018-03-02

↓ Transcript
<Katharina and Halen watch two mages Train in the background>
Mage 1: Alright, remember: form a Cup and Focus on the Peak.
Mage 2: R-right ...
Katharina: Ehm ... Halen?
Halen: Yes, dear?
Mage 1: Are you ready?
Mage 2: Yeah!
<A strange Sound Comes from the Training mages>
Mage 2: Huh!
Katharina: Master Peck seemed especially suspicious about ... the woman I arrived with.
Halen: Hrm.
Katharina: Can ... can I see her, by the way?
Halen: I'll bring you to her after we were at Gregor's Office, alright? She'll be fine, don't worry.
Katharina: Hmh, alright.
Mage 1: How did you do that?
Mage 2: I ... don't know ...