I’m eager to get back to Shara … but there are a few pages in Peck’s Office yet to come ;)

Updated on 2018-03-10

↓ Transcript
Halen: Do you like her?
Katharina: Eh, what?
Halen: You travelled together for quite a Long time, didn't you? You must have gotten to know her better ... what kind of person is she?
Katharina: Ehm ... well ... not a very nice one, actually ... and we didn't really become friends ... she is very RUDE and ... also quite ruthless. I think she did ... criminal THINGS before. She didn't want to talk about her past.
Katharina: I ... guess Master Peck is right to be suspicious about her, hm? She ... is NOT a good Person ... but she DID save my life several times on that journey ...
Katharina: I COULDN'T leace her to die! Was that STUPID?
Halen: <grabs her Hand> No, my dear. It's what makes you such a GREAT PERSON! C'mon, let's talk to Gregor. Don't worry, I'll have your back.