<inside Peck's Office, Peck is leaning over his desk>
Master Peck: <angrily> She is a MENACE. You should NOT have brought her here!
Katharina: W-well what was I supposed to do? Leave her to DIE?
Master Peck: You should not have travelled with her in the first place. Did you not see her Branding?
Katharina: Her what?
Halen: The mark on her right shoulder.
Katharina: N-no, I didn't see that. What Kind of mark is it?
Master Peck: She belongs to the Black Fist.
Katharina: Who ... is that, exactly?
<Master Peck Growls>
Halen: They're a Group of ... anti-mage criminals from Goldhaven.



Alt-text: "Yes I was very lazy with the Background here ... I'm sorry :("

Everytime someone mentions the Black Fist I notice that there is yet another charakter present who does not yet know who they are ... well I hope now all of my readers know the name ;)

Updated on 2018-03-10

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