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↓ Transcript
Halen: <tries to calm Master Peck> PLEASE calm down!
Master Peck: <pushes him away, sighing> Alright ... don't talk to me like I've lost my mind, Halen!
Katharina: Ahem ... actually, Master Peck, I think Shara isn't really ... with those Gangsters anymore ... she seemed quite erratic and ... running away from something.
Master Peck: Hrmph, so you're not only a historian but also an investigator now?
Katharina: No, but I'm pretty sure that if THAT'S the Kind of People this "Black Fist" is sending, they wouldn't be that much of a Problem!
Master Peck: ENOUGH, Miss Grauch! I'm inclined enough to believe that you just met her by coincidence ... BUT ... we'll have to get rid of HER.
Halen: You can't be SERIOUS, Gregor! With HER injuries?! She'll end up begging in the streets!
Katharina: W-wait ...
Katharina: ... what injuries, exactly?
<Halen and Master Peck Exchange a meaningful look>