<Katharina sits in a room and writes in her diary>
Katharina: <writes> "This is getting ridiculous. Master Peck is even more paranoid about a possible traitor in the guild than Master Coumi was. Maybe this all is just a part of some power struggle or an old feud between the two. Whatever it is, I have to be careful not to get caught up in it."
Katharina: <sighs and thinks> I should have paid more Attention to guild politics in the last years ...
Katharina: <writes> " Halen and I were able to convince Master Peck not to throw Shara out on the streets right away. I had to take full responsability for her Actions, though ... I fear I might regret that, soon ... She has already proven how <crossed out "much of a jerk"> hostile she can be, but now that she lost her " <writing interrupted>
Shara: <weak> Nnh ... K-kat ... ?
Katharina: Shara?
Katharina: <stands up to move to Shara's bed> Shara, you're awake! How ... how are you ... ?



Alt-text: "Notice how I didn't put dates in the diary, since I'm too lazy to add consistent dates and months (and years) to my timeline ... "

Since she lost her ... what now?

"Katharina" is a bit inconvenient for an informal name, so Shara went with a derogatorily meant "princess", before ... but then she realized that could also be seen as cute pet name ... so she went for "Kat" instead. Very well-thought-out for being fresh out of a coma.

Updated on 2018-03-17

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