Alt-text: "The war-crutch has been banned here on earth by geneva convention, unfortunately."

This comic was never intended as a gag-by-day strip, but as a continuous narration of adventure, comedy and drama in a fantasy setting.

Nevertheless, with just one page per week like I'm currently doing, I think it's important to finish each page with some sort of small climax or pointe, lest it gets too boring to read.

I get the feeling I've done too few of that in the last pages and too much straight drama and emotions (that doesn't mean I didn't deem those necessary and still do), and I'll try to make each single page a little more fun to read, despite being just a small part of a larger story.

Updated on 2018-03-23

Updated on 2023-09-14: I still agree with what I wrote above (that each page should have a little reward/resolution in itself), but I'm not sure I actually did a good joob with that in this page ... ;)

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