Katharina: Come on, it's not THAT bad! You'll learn to walk again, we'll find someone to ... to make you a PEG LEG or something like that and -
Shara: And what, then I'll LIMP along behind you and fall over as soon as a strong wind blows?!
Katharina: C-could you PLEASE stop being so FATALISTIC, I'm -
Shara: Bitch, I just lost my fucking LEG!! It's my RIGHT to be fucking fatalistic!
Katharina: And I'M trying to HELP you get ...
Katharina: Ahem ... get your ... head ... back up.
Shara: You wanted to say "get back on your feet", didn't you?
Katharina: ... yes. Sorry.
Shara: HMPH.



Alt-text: "At least Shara's swearing again."

Updated on 2018-03-23: I don't think I'm going out on a limb to say Kat put her foot in her mouth there, right?! ... I'm sorry.

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