Katharina: Well ... we could have met in the Guild's garden, that wouldn't have been so far ...
Shara: Oh HELL no, I had to get out of that place full of magic dweebs.
Katharina: HEY! Those are my colleagues you're talking about!
Shara: I know, princess, I know ...
Katharina: <sighs> It is not THAT bad, is it? I told everyone you're a friend of mine; Peck agreed to Keep you here, and Halen is always nice to you, too ...
Shara: Hmph. It's just not my world, Kat. Like ... ABSOLUTELY not. And the few times this Peck guy even LOOKED at me it seemed like he'd REALLY like to stick my head on a pike and place it in front of your door ...
Katharina: NGH, yes, he's ... not a nice person. He reminds me a bit of my father ...



Alt-text: "Katharina's greatest strength: patience with jerks. "

In todays news: WOOOOOO PAGE 150!

Who would have thought I won't get bored by now. But I still have a lot of story to go so .... to the next 150, Minimum ;)

Updated on 2018-03-24: ... at the time of this update we have 267 pages and a lot more to go :)

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  1. Congratiulations! *cheer* :D

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