Shara: And the rest ... you really only know this Halen guy, don't you?
Katharina: Yes, he's an old friend.
Shara: I see how the other mages there look at me ... I think they're scared of me. I bet Peck told them I'm a murderer and a terrorist or something like that.
Katharina: Well, you didn't really TRY to make contact with any of them, didn't you?
Shara: Oh, fuck, no, why should I?!
Shara: I'm leaving that mage dump as soon as I can walk for more than half an hour straight ...
Katharina: <murmurs> ... and maybe they don't talk to you because you're a jerk ...
Shara: What?
Katharina: Nothing.



Alt-text: "Maybe Master Peck has warned all Guild members that Shara tends to be a huge jerkface."

I'm never trying to draw a city background freehanded again ...

Updated on 2018-03-24

2 thoughts on “page151

  1. you did well though :)

    1. Well the perspective is somewhat screwed … but I guess that’s why I made it so pale :D

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