Updated on 2018-03-28

↓ Transcript
<Ethkett, the Baroc, stands in front of the table and looks at Shara>
Ethkett: FIRST: I'm a WOMAN. SECOND: We're not "snakes", just YOU'RE not a DOG. THIRD: I can hear EVERYTHING you say from over there, so don't talk shit about the person who makes your drinks.
Ethkett: <makes a pause and looks to Katharina> ... Do you ladies Need anything ELSE?
Katharina: Ehrm, n-no, thank you very much! And SORRY!
Shara: <looks down her mug> I swear, if you spilled too much of my drink, snake ...
Katharina: <panicked> HUSH, Shara!
<Ethkett rolls her eyes>