Ethkett: <leaves and curses in Baroc> Eth'kta SHIECH ...
Katharina: <tries to calm her> Thank you! And sorry again!
Shara: <amused> HAH!
Katharina: <whispers> What's WRONG with you?! Do you HAVE to antagonize everyone you meet?!
Shara: What?! I didn't even SAY anything bad!
Katharina: You called her a "snake"!
Shara: Well, I don't know "HER" name!
Katharina: That doesn't mean you can call her what you want!
Shara: I call YOU a bitch all the time ...
Katharina: Well, YES, and I don't like that, EITHER!



Alt-text: "Kat, relax and think of ... cats?"

Updated on 2018-03-29: Caution - barian profanity

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