He mentioned the tavern here. And appearantly he called it “Slithering Tail” back then …. well his¬†memory can’t be perfect, can it?

(This was in no way a mistake on my part … )

Updated on 2018-03-31:¬†Yeah, Shara, I’m sure that’ll go well …

↓ Transcript
Katharina: Soo ... your FRIEND.
Shara: What friend?
Katharina: The one who told you about this tavern ... ?
Shara: Ah ... yeah, what 'bout him?
Katharina: Does he live here? Where did you meet him?
Shara: Well, he told me travels a lot ... but with luck he's still there in this city. You actually know him already ...
Katharina: ... wait, you don't mean K'SHAR, so you?!
Shara: You can bet your ASS I do! I still habe Business with that bastard!