Katharina: <facepalms> LHÛN ... Shara that ... don't you think that might be ... a BAD idea?
Shara: What?! I'm not afraid of that fucker! And there's nothing poisonous for me to step on here, is there?
Katharina: <sighs> No ... but he's still two heads taller than you and ... you know ... still has BOTH HIS LEGS!
Shara: Well then HELP me! He fucked YOU, too, didn't he?
Katharina: NGHYES, althoug I wouldn't Phrase it that way ... And I can't see what we could do about it ... IF he's still in town, even ...
Shara: Well until I meet him here ... I'll enjoy the drinks.
<Shara empties her mug>
Shara: The fucker had a good taste in wine, gotta give him that ...



Alt-text: "Shara seems to remember a different travel ... with a lot more fucking, apparently."

Don't worry ... I'll take a break from those two in the tavern, soon ... (this conversation lasted way longer than I thought)

Updated on 2018-03-31

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