<On the other side of the world ... approximately>
Ki'i'Mar: This is it, Maq. Exactly as I have sensed it. As I've SEEN it. TOUCHED it.
Ki'i'Mar: Ist power is ... ASTONISHING. Another thing that backs my theory. The Baroc could NEVER have created something like this.
Maq: Are you SURE, Mistress?
Ki'i'Mar: HMPH. No. I'm NOT. Thank you for pointing that out, MAQ.
Maq: I live to serve you, Mistress.
Ki'i'Mar: <smiles> I LIKE it when you say things like that, Maq.
Maq: I'm aware.



Alt-text: "And she REALLY seems to dislike clothes, it seems."

I wanted to take a break from the two gals in the tavern and here it is!

The mysterious tattooed Lady who seems to know a bit more about the strange picture of a sword that Shara seems to have seen ...

And she has an unnecessarily complicated name, of course. But I doubt she'd like being called 'Ki'.

Updated on 2018-03-31: I think I made her head-tentacles a bit longer when I drew her in later pages ... which is a bit strange since unlike hair, since they don't just keep on growing ;) Oh well.

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  1. You got me. I really had to go back to see where the sword appeared. *g

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