Updated on 2018-03-31

↓ Transcript
Ki'i'Mar: Mhm ... bring me my clothes.
Maq: Are you planning to leave?
Ki'i'Mar: <sighs> Yes, I'm afraid ... the blade's awakening was too strong. Someone else MUST have noticed it. At the very least the entity that created it.
Maq: IF it still exists, Mistress.
<Ki'i'Mar gestures and Maq cringes in pain>
Maq: Hng!
Ki'i'Mar: Don't be a smartass, Maq. I don't LIKE being corrected!
<Maq is still on his knees, catching breath>
Maq: ... I'm ... aware ... Mistress. <with a smirk>
Ki'i'Mar: <smiles> MHM ... you sweet little worm ... come on, hurry up.