… I updated the cast page with Ki’i’Mar and Ethkett. Maq’s still missing, though …

Updated on 2018-03-31: Maybe I should expand a little bit more on what Ki’i’Mar is talking about here.

Magic is a life-giving-force in Yra … not every bit of magic automatically creates life, but without magic, there can be no life. And if you concentrate enough magic in one spot and keep it there for a long enough time … it’s bound to come alive one day. And start thinking thoughts.

At least that’s the theory. You need a whole damn lot of magic and a very long time for that … so it’s not something that happens very often.

↓ Transcript
<Ki'i'Mar and Maq are walking through Kan'Dannen>
Maq: Gena, would you please enlighten me about the nature of this artifact ... ? Why does it get you in such a hurry?
Ki'i'Mar: It is pobably one of the most powerful magical artifacts of our known world ... and it has been lost for almost TWO CENTURIES, probably buried and undisturbed.
Ki'i'Mar: Which means it has probably gained sentience by now.
Maq: Not ... NECESSARILY, Gena, right?
<Ki'i'Mar glares at him angrily>
Maq: ... I'm sorry, Gena.
Ki'i'Mar: I KNOW it has gained sentience! And maybe it always HAD it. Though an emerging life WOULD explain the Signal I felt. But it felt ... DIFFERENT.
Maq: I am not entirely sure I can follow your thoughts, Gena.
Ki'i'Mar: Don't worry, you don't need to.
Maq: I thought so ...