Updated on 2018-04-06

↓ Transcript
<Ki'i'Mar starts casting a spell towards the building>
Ki'i'Mar: Don't worry, Maq. Everything will end up how I want. It ALWAYS does.
Maq: Ahem. May I remind you that the chancellor does not like you subverting the Council's wards just for a shortcut ... ?
Ki'i'Mar: And why do you think I'd care, exactly?
Maq: Well, as I recall, Gena, you once said the Council "tends to get annoying" when you ignore their will too frequently.
Ki'i'Mar: Yes, but from time to time they need a little REMINDER ... That though I usually keep out of their petty politics, my adherence to their little laws is a COURTESY of mine!
Maq: ... I understand, Gena.
Ki'i'Mar: Good. Wait here.
<She teleports away>
Maq: <quiet> ... yes, Mistress.