<Serpent's End, Katharina and Shara are still in the tavern, talking>
Katharina: ... you ... WANT to change, right?
Shara: I ... guess so.
Katharina: That's ... great!
Shara: Well don't expect me to be a whole new person and all that shit, a'ight? I'll just try out that ... "honest work" of yours ... what's it about, actually? You said something about going back into that fucking jungle?
Katharina: Oh, you've GOT to hear! It's REALLY exciting! I can't WAIT for us to start!
Shara: You're awfully cheerful for someone who nearly DIED in that jungle ...
Katharina: But ... now we're going there for science!



Alt-text: "I forgot to bold 'science', here."

Time to take a look back at our protagonists!

Updated on 2018-04-07: ... and now it's bolded. FOR SCIENCE! Also I like how Shara act's like she doesn't even know the meaning of the words "honest work" ...

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