Random Patron: Goodnight, Ethkett!
Ethkett: Night, Tony.
Random Patron: Don't Forget to close on time ... ! <hic>
Ethkett: Doesn't hang on me ...
<Patron leaves and closes the door>
<A thumping noise Comes from Shara's table>
Shara: Ngh ... nngh ...
Ethkett: ... need some help there, mammal?
<Shara is trying to stand up using her crutches, but is too drunk>
Shara: Nh ... nnh ... 'mgoodthanx ...
<Shara slips and falls to the ground>
Shara: OW!
Shara: 'aight ... 'lil'help please ... ?
Ethkett: You're lucky your friend already paid for that, too ...



Alt-text: "Katharina also paid something extra for Ethkett to ignore everything insulting Shara might yet say."

Updated on 2018-04-13

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  1. Kat thought of everything, didn’t she? ;)

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