<Ethkett carries Shara to a room and curses in Baroc>
Ethkett: Hngh, eth'sh 'seh ... !
<Ethkett throws Shara on the bed>
Ethkett: Try not to puke or I'll Charge extra ...
Shara: You're not my - *hng* - my MOM.
Ethkett: ... at least you got the gender right this time ...
<Ethkett leaves>
Shara: ... ff ...
Shara: <mumbling to herself> ... screwyou, momdude ...
Shara: F'ckn' st'pd ... EVRYTH'NG ...
<Shara grabs her leg stump and sobs>



Alt-text: "This looks like a Job for ... MOMDUDE!"

Sorry to those who care for the late update ... I was out of my apartment most of the day. And also sorry for another sobbing Shara, but she really doesn't take the thing with her leg well ...

Updated on 2018-04-13: Momdude is an ordinary guy that got bitten by a radioactive mom ...

3 thoughts on “page171

  1. well can you blame her? i think it might be a fairly traumatic thing to lose a limb….
    awesomly drawn and composed, as usual :)

    1. … thanks ;)

  2. Your update comment really got me snickering for a while … ^^

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