<Afternoon of the same day, Katharina, Halen and Master Peck are conferencing>
Master Peck: The remains were discovered somewhere here, about 5 days into the jungle. You can follow an old road most of the way, but the last part will be on foot.
Katharina: That sounds ... dangerous. What kind of Caravan are we talking about, exactly?
Halen: Lady Violet promised 3 wagons, 10 horses and 2 rockbeasts ...
Katharina: Who's "Lady Violet"?
Master Peck: Hmph. Amanda Hoffrin. She's a ... "businesswoman" with a lot of shady contacts. But she promised to back this expedition for a share of the "profits" ...
Katharina: Is the Guild's budget THAT tight? Please don't misunderstand me, Master Peck, but I always heard the Guild in Serpent's End was ... well INDEPENDENT, financially as well as politically ...
Master Peck: We ARE Independent! The real world is just a complicated place, Miss Grauch.



Alt-text: "The kind of caravan Katharina was hoping for of course has 5 doors and a 4x4 drive."

Updated on 2018-04-13

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