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↓ Transcript
Katharina: I see ... ehm, well back to the RUINS, do you know anything more of them, already? The time period, or their purpose ... ?
Master Peck: From what we heard it's a rich site that was repurposed a few times ... we have reports of Tyr'Enn architecture as well as some sort of Barian burial site ...
Katharina: Hmh, nothing more detailed? How heavily decayed is the site ... ?
Master Peck: MISS GRAUCH, those reports come from SCOUTS, not scholars like you and me!
Master Peck: We're lucky they could tell BARIAN from TYR'ENN.
Katharina: <intimidated> ... s-sorry.
Master Peck: BUT ... they described the site as "crumbled and overgrown" ... so it probably counts a few decades, maybe even a century.