Katharina: W-well ... after the last war the Baroc didn't build anything outside the wall, did they ... ? So if it's REALLY Barian it hast to be at LEAST two centuries old ... WOW.
Halen: You'll have fun, sweety, I'm sure.
Master Peck: Hmhf ... we brought her here to WORK, not to have FUN, Halen ...
Halen: Sometimes you can do both, Gregor.
Halen: Maybe you should try to do that more often, you#ve gotten REALLY stressed out lately ...
Master Peck: Grrr ...
Katharina: <nervous> Ahehehem ... AHEM, I-I'll probably leavy you alone for a moment ...
Halen: I'll come with you. We're done for the moment, right, Gregor?
Master Peck: <angrily> YES. I have OTHER things to do, anyway.
Halen: Great, we'll talk later!
Katharina: H-have a good day, Master Peck!
<both leave>



Alt-text: "All work and no play make Gregor Peck a dull boy. All work and no play make Gregor Peck a dull boy. ..."

Updated on 2018-04-14

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