<Outside of Peck's Office>
Katharina: LHÛN ... did you HAVE to make fun of him, Halen?!
Halen: Relax, sweetie ... he KNOWS I don't mean it.
Katharina: If ... you say so ...
Halen: SHEESH, Katharina, sweetie ... Gregor really DOES make you nervous, doesn't he?
Katharina: Yeah, I ... don't know. The way he talks, and the look he gives you as soon as you say something wrong ...
Halen: You didn't say ANYTHING wrong, sweetie. He's just under a lot of stress. It's not your fault.
Katharina: Yes, I know ... he can just ... make you FEEL like it's your fault ... like, well ...
Halen: Your father. You said so before ...
Katharina: Mhm.



Alt-text: "Who wants to guess how Katharina's relationship to her father was?"

Sorry for the smudge in Kat's speech bubble in panel 3. I was too lazy to clear it up after I scanned it ... >_>

Updated on 2018-04-21: ... and the smudge is gone! (Computer-) Magic!

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