I don’t know when I started writing “prosthetic” instead of “prosthesis” … but I guess it was a long time ago. I’m just gonna silently wallow in shame and replace it from now on.

And if you never even saw that error before …. well … forget it again!

EDIT: more websearching tells that “prosthetic” is an adjective, like in “prosthetic arm”, but it can also be used as noun …. ? But not according to everyone … is there a native speaker who can help a confused german? :D

Updated on 2018-04-28: Sometimes I get the feeling I intentionally tried to place the speech bubbles weirdly back then …

↓ Transcript
Halen: By the way ... how is Shara doing? Is she getting better?
Katharina: She's ... at the tavern. We had a drink together but she decided to stay there ... tomorrow I'll bring her to a healer who can make her a prosthetic ...
Halen: You're really set on bringing her along, aren't you?
Katharina: If she stays here she'll just ... mope and and up ... being miserable. Or worse, going back to crime.
Katharina: She ... deserves better. A CHANCE to do better, at least.
Halen: You have a big heart, sweetie ... but don't push yourself too hard trying to help that woman. You've been through a lot yourself.
Katharina: Don't worry, Halen, I don't intend to babysit her ... I just want to help her ... take care of herself again. It's ... hard enough being a woman in this world. And I think she knows that even better than me ...