Halen: Do you also intend to help her out ... financially? She didn't seem to have more with her than the clothes on her body when you brought her here.
Katharina: Well, I intend to pay her something from what I'll be getting from Master Peck for this expedition thing ...
Katharina: And I ... well ... got her a bit of a ... head start, here.
Halen: Katharina, sweetie, I KNOW you mean well, but PLEASE be careful and don't let her ... use you.
Halen: Where'd you even get that much money, already? I thought you lost your bag alongside your staff in the jungle?
Katharina: I ... had some additional papers from Beckstown under my west ... I already learned not to carry everything in one place ...
Halen: <pats her head and smiles> ... clever girl!



Alt-text: "There's an alternate universe where Katharina is a velociraptor and Halen draws XKCD."

Updated on 2018-04-28: I guess Halen'd be more of a Roomie-fan ...

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