Shara: They do SEEM real enough, though ...
Halen: As I said, there's no reason to worry. It's all just LIGHT and SOUND.
Shara: I can't imagine the PEOPLE here know the difference, do they?
Halen: Dearest Shara, the people here KNOW me - and they LOVE my illusions.
Halen: I Show my illusions regularly as part of the monthly great market -... you should come and take a look!
Shara: Er, I'm not big on ... GOING OUT these days ...
Halen: Oh, yes, I'm sorry ... how are you doing, anyway? Did you get to the park by yourself? It's quite a way from the Serpent's Tail ...
Shara: <suspicious> How do you know where I stay?
Halen: Katharina told me. But please ... do you want to sit down in the grass with me for a moment?
Shara: Well ...
Shara: Oh why the hell not.
Halen: ... do you need help sitting down?
Shara: NO.
<Shara looks at the Floor>
Shara: I ... just need some time to plan this.



Alt-text: "Shara tries a little hard to make people uncomfortable about her leg ... "

Page 200 is slowly approaching ...

Updated on 2018-05-05

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