Updated on 2018-05-05

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Halen: So ... Katharina told me you were staying at the Serpent's Tail. Do you like it there?
Shara: It's ... alright. The owner is a bit strange.
Halen: You mean Ethkett? She can come off as a bit rude at first, but she's been a part of this city for a long time ... and her Ti'chia is ABSOLUTELY to die for! You HAVE to try it one day!
Shara: Her what?
Halen: It's a dish with spices and berries from the jungle ... and also some rabbit, I think.
Shara: Enh ... so, snakefood, eh?
Halen: I'm serious, it's really great ... didn't you have any contact with the Baroc where you came from?
Shara: Please, I'm from GOLDHAVEN, you can find EVERYTHING there. Though I wasn't really FRIENDS with any of them ... they tend to keep to themselves, mostly.