Updated on 2018-05-05

↓ Transcript
Halen: I guess you'll meet even more Baroc here. This city is as close as you can get to the Serpent Empire without crossing the Great Wall. On a day like this you can even see parts of it from the southern watchtower.
Halen: ... I know two brothers, Shiar and G'the, they're INCREDIBLE jugglers!
Shara: So ... you're in some kind of circus, right? Doing magic tricks 'n' stuff?
Halen: <grins> I can also dance, sing, juggle and do a few acribatic and balancing tricks ... but I guess what's always most impressive are my Illusions. So ... YES.
Halen: Usually my friends accompany them with music and torches ... I think you'd like it, Shara!
Shara: You think that, hm ... ?