Updated on 2018-05-05

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Halen: Tomorrow ... you can come with me if you want to. If you're interested, there'd be a lot of people who might even show you some tricks. You're quite agile, aren't you?
Shara: Hmf. Not anymore.
Halen: Oh, come on - you still have a leg and two arms left, eh? Old Shorty doesn't have ANY legs and you wouldn't BELIEVE how he dances!
Shara: Yeah ... why don't you stop talking for once?
Halen: Aw, don't be like that! What'd the healer say this morning?
Shara: Princess tells you EVERYTHING, eh? ... he went to a SMITH with me, actually. Appearantly I'm gonna get a METAL prosthetic. Can't imagine that being very helpful, but he said it'd work ...
Halen: Ah, I bet you were at Helmsworth's! He knows what he's doing, don't you worry! You'll be walking without these crutches in no time, you'll see!
Shara: Is there anyone in this damned city you DON'T know?!
Halen: <grinning> A few. But they're getting less every day!