<Kann Dannen, the next day. The Great Council's Chamber>
Chancellor Eshar: Thre Great Council is assembled today in an irregular meeting called in by myself, Chancellor Eshar of Kan'Dannen. I thank my fellow Council members for appearing on such a short notice.
Chancellor Eshar: I assembled the council on the explicit wish of Gena Ki'i'Mar herself, who graces us with her presence today, because she has important matters to discuss.
<Ki'i'Mar yawns ostentatiously>
Chancellor Eshar: To waste no more time, I now give the word to the Gena to let her explain the situation in great detail; that means we'll skip a bit of the usual protocol ...
Chancellor Eshar: But I'm sure the great Gena would have interrupted any further procedure, ANYWAY.
Ki'i'Mar: <mirking> You know me SO WELL, Chancellor, thank you.



Alt-text: "Ki'i'Mar is a real showwoman."

I really don't know why I have Eshar a different name in the first panel ... the right one is in the transcript. (maybe I should start making these digitally, then editing out mistakes would be easier ... >_>)

Updated on 2018-05-10: ... a hooray for digitally editing out mistakes!

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