Katharina: <angry> ARGH! This bloody, fur coated bitch! How does she dare ... ?
Katharina: I am trying to be NICE to that filthy DOG and SHE ...
<The city guard, a byzarian, growls at her>
Katharina: Um.
Katharina: <embarrased> Eh ... heh. I'll ... just walk in now, ok? I'm ... I'm a mage. I have business here.
<The guard snorts and looks at Katharina unfriendly>
Katharina: <while passing him> Don't look at me like that, that was not my fault! <quiet> Ohgods that bitch ...



Alt-text: "She knows how to make friends."

Updated on 2017-10-03

Updated on 2023-09-08: And she knows how to be casually racist, it seems ... she'll get better, though. It seems I orignally planned some more of an "arrogant/ignorant person learns to be better" arc for Kat than I ended up doing in the end.

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