Katharina: <thinks> Hmf ... at least while being a huge jerk she forgot to collect her payment.
Katharina: <thinks> Serves her right. I don't know what her problem with mages is, but that's not MY problem, no. Treats me as if I'm some ... pale, weakish bookworm. PAH!
Katharina: <thinks> I'm a 4th grade magician. I needed 11 years to get where I am. I've probably travelled more than she ever did.
Katharina: <thinks> ... and why the hell did I let her take my hair circlet with her?!
<She searches her bag>
Katharina: <thinks> Wait - she took my circlet AND my money?!
Katharina: That filthy thief! AUGH!
<She facepalms>
Katharina: <thinks> She already took her payment. I really am dangerously naive ...



Alt-text: "Live to learn ..."

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  1. As it should now be easy to do text corrections: last panel, tool -> took :)

    1. Dammit you’re right … thanks for the catch!

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