So until now we only had two characters: a human and a byzarian. The byzarians are obviously … canine people. I’m not the first one to think of that (to be honest, the byzarian are more from my brothers mind than mine … but psssh).

But now here, we have a Tyr’Enn … noseless, hairless people with tentacles for hair and claws on their hands. They’re not very frequent in this part of the world, as Blackshire is more in the south of Yra, and the Tyr’Enn hail from the far north. So this guy is somewhat of an exotic, which he utilized to get more people watching his street performance.

Updated on 2017-10-10

↓ Transcript
<Dusk, somewhere in the city, someone is juggling several clubs and a torch>
<We see a clawed hand catching the clubs>
<The juggler, Aken, is a Tyr'Enn, now bowing>
Aken: Thank you! Thank you, people of Blackshire! As you can see, these claws are just a minor hindrance.
Aken: And for the last one, I need a helper!
<someone in the crowd whispers: 'Look! He has no nose!'>
Aken: Hmmm ...
<Aken looks around the crowd and spots Katharina standing there, looking at a paper.>