Updated on 2017-10-10

↓ Transcript
<Aken makes a sneaking pose, grabs a melon and shushes the audience, which seems amused>
Aken: Shh ... it's gonna be a surprise!
Aken: <shouts> HEY! Madame wizard!
Katharina: Huh?
<Aken throws the melon at her, she just manages to stop it with a magic shield, on which it splatters>
Katharina: Wha - ARGH!
<The crowd cheers and laughs, someone asks: 'Do you think they work together?'>
Aken: Excellent reflexes, congratulations Madame!
<Someone in the crowd answers: 'Of course they work together. All wizards do!'>
Katharina: Why can't this f ... frightful day be over already ...
Aken: And that's it for today, ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much!