<Aken bows again before the audience>
Aken: You were a great audience, thank you! If you have some coins to spare, I'd be tremendously gratefulif you could put them in that hat over there. Since that was my last watermelon, I need something else for dinner. Good night!
<The crowd applauds and then scatters>
<Aken approaches Katharina>
Aken: Well, I guess I have to thank you for not frying me in divine fire for that, hm?
<Katharina cleans some melon juice off her>
Katharina: <angrily> Pah! Have you lost your mind, you ... you PEASANT?! Do you do that every day?! I'm surprised you haven't gotten stabbed until now!
Aken: Again, I am very sorry, mylady, but the crowd loves to see magic in use.
Katharina: Bah.
Aken: Something I can only fulfill to a minor extend.
Katharina: W-well you ... wait, but you're a ... a Tyr'Enn? I thought you were all magicians?
Aken: <grinning> Well ... I was about to go home for today, but I guess I can answer you a few questions ...



Alt-text: "That's also how I meet ladies in real life. I throw melons at them. I'm still single ..."

The Tyr'Enn somewhat like the elves in other worlds ... in that they have a natural affinity for magic. And if you look at their hands, you know why. They couldn't even weave cloth, if it weren't for magic.

So naturally, mostly everyone else thinks of them as "all mages" ... but of course not everybody can do more than needed for everyday life ...

Updated on 2017-10-12: The scan on this one was incredibly tilted.

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