Aken of course refers to the timeless, award nominated classic Man Getting Hit By A Football by Hans Moleman.

Updated on 2017-10-12: The scan on this one wasn’t tilted … just the panel borders were :)

↓ Transcript
Katharina: Ah ... no. No, you've done enough already. I have someone to visit and -
Aken: And you can't find him? You looked a bit ... lost before I threw that melon at you.
Katharina: Grmf.
Aken: How about you tell me who you're looking for, then, and I see if I can show you the way. It is getting dark and this is not the safest part of town after sunset.
Katharina: Nnno ... thanks. No offense, but you seem like exactly the kind of person who makes this area not safe after sunset ...
<Aken gasps>
Aken: I am hurt! Just because I am forced through my exile to live within such a poor state of life ... I am no means as primitive or barbarian as the crowd I'm forced to entertain to get a meal!
<Katharina stares at Aken angrily>
Aken: <sighs> Well, I have to adapt to the audience's tastes, haven't I? They'd probably laugh at someone getting hit in the crotch by a leather ball, too ...