Katharina: Look. I do NOT have time for this!
Katharina: Just tell me where the local mages' guild is and I will forget about the whole ... melon incident!
Aken: Ah ... of course, mylady. I should have known someone with your ability to manipulate the magic forces would be residing there.
<Aken points the way>
Aken: You have to cross the river over the wooden bridge over there and then just aim for the highest building you see that does not have a flag on it.
Katharina: <sighs> ... Thank you, er, mister ... ?
Aken: <grins> Aken. But you can also call me the "clawed man" - that's what the locals decided would fit me the best.
<He shows his clawed hands>



Alt-text: "At least it wasn't a noodle incident."

Updated on 2017-10-12

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