Katharina: Er ... Aken. Alright. Have ... a good night, then.
<She attempts to leave>
Aken: Maaaaaayy ... I ask for your name in return, madam?
Katharina: <hesitantly> ... er ... yes. Katharina. Katharina Grauch.
Aken: Meeting you has brightened my day, Katharina. Farewell.
<He bows and takes off his head to Katharina>



Alt-text: "I like his hat."

Don't ask me how to pronounce that last name. I thought up her name in german. English speakers can think a pronounciation up for themselves ;P

Updated on 2017-10-13: I'm still curious how a native english speaker would pronounce her name (rhymes with "Schlauch" ;) )

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  1. Probably somehow similar to Groucho Marx ^^

    1. Hmmm … maybe ;)

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