<Somewhere else in a tavern, Shara sits at a table and talks to a drunk human>
Shara: Listen, I already bought you a fucking beer, just tell me what I want to know!
Drunk: Well ... I dunno 'xactly whatcha want ... I'ma honest person, y'know?
Shara: <threatening> Well ... I'll be honest, too. And I can honestly tell you. If your're just another drunk pretending to know something to get me to fuck with him ...
Drunk: ... then what?
<Beat, she glares at him, hesitating>
Shara: <angry> Well WRONG FUCKING BITCH, then! If you don't know anything, tell me who does, or I'll punch all of your stinkin teeth out!!
Drunk: Alright, calm down, girl ... !
Drunk: Ya really need to work on ya temper ...
<Shara growls>



Alt-text: "The angry tone is good for intimidation, Shara, but you need to work on your creativity in describing the threats ..."

I don't know why I drew the "calm down girl" bubble twice ... I noticed it too late. But hey, he's drunk, maybe he repeats himself ...

Updated on 2017-10-13: God, this page was just ... bad. The text placement, the writing, the art ... oh well. At least I'm improving ;). And I removed the doubled line at the end.

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