Halen: Obviously the whole thing is nagging at you a lot. Let me tell you something: Maybe it's a good idea to first identify WHAT EXACTLY you feel could need changing? That alone might give you some perspective.
Halen: ... and just for the record: I don't think the thing with your leg is in any way the universe punishing you for a supposed character flaw of yours.
Shara: I NEVER said ANYTHING like that!
Halen: No, but guilt has a nasty way of finding more reasons for it to exist, I know that.
Shara: ... No comment.
Halen: You have e right to be happy, and didn't deserve this Happening to you. But sometimes ... fate is just ... a HUGE DICK. Sorry about the language.
Shara: ... yeah, we can agree on THAT MUCH.



Alt-text: "'Fate is just a huge dick' will be the title of the first book."

I had to be careful not to let Halen use the word "Karma" here. While I don't try to translate every little Idiom and metaphor to fit into a fantasy world with made up words (after all this is just their conversations translated into english) - bringing the concept of Karma in here (even if it is just Hollywood Karma) would be more than a simple idiom or metaphor.

I pondered for the moment if the byzarian culture might have a similar concept that I could just call that way, but I didn't go through with it. But they do believe in the universe or nature as some unpersonified, godly energy that might decide your fate from time to time.

Updated on 2018-05-12: To add to the above ... of course byzarian mythology is not completely void of personified entities (the same for the Tyr'Enn), they probably have a lot of spirits and small gods, varying on where you ask exactly ...

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