The good thing about writing Shara is how she always cheers you up after a bad day.

Updated on 2018-05-12

↓ Transcript
Shara: <thinking> Change ... I don't even KNOW what I want to happen anymore ... I'm glad if I can WALK anywhere on my own in the future, can live without having to BEG for food every day. FUCK, even if I hadn't lost my leg ... where'd I be going now? I've reached the end of the map. Further south is only the WALL or the OCEAN. ... I wanted to get as far away as possible from Goldhaven, and from teh Fist. I guess I managed that. And NOW? I don't know what to do anymore ... I guess I should really thank Kat for that stupid job of hers ... even if that means going back into the jungle ...
Shara: <thinking> Maybe I'll die for real this time. Would've saved me a lot of trouble in the long run.
Shara: <thinking> I should've just ... jumped in the sea back in Goldhaven.