Updated on 2018-05-17: Shara’s logic is infallible.

↓ Transcript
Shara: <thinking> NO! No, Shara, you survived HOME, you survived the DESERT, you survived GOLDHAVEN ... you even survived that JUNGLE! You can't give up NOW! Just think about something else! ANYTHING else! There are still things worth enjoying in this life! Like ... like ... sex?
Halen: Shara?
Halen: Is everything alright?
Shara: Y-yes. Yes. Don't worry. Just a headache.
Shara: <thinking> WOW, Shara. Suicide and Sex. That's what's on your mind. You are ONE FUCKED UP PIECE OF SHIT. Seriously.
Shara: <thinking> But maybe a good fuck WOULD be nice ... I wonder if this city has a WHOREHOUSE. ... and what about Halen? Is he really as GAY as he Acts? He's certainly TALL. And he's an artist. I bet he knows some dirty tricks ... he wears NIPLLE RINGS, for fuck's sake!
Halen: Should I leave you to your thoughts, Shara ... ?
Shara: N-no. Nope. Enough thoughts for today.