<Kan'Dannen, after several hours of explanation and discussion. Maq is waiting outside of the Council's Chambers>
<Ki'i'mar teleports to him>
Maq: Ah, Gena. Welcome back. Did everything go according to your wishes?
<Ki'i'Mar removes the long scarves of cloth from her dress by simply burning them>
Ki'I'Mar: Doesn't it always?
Maq: ... how could I possibly disagree.
Maq: Although you seem to not like your dress as much as you did when we came, as I can't help to notice.
Ki'i'Mar: Yes ... it only really worked while I was floating. A SHAME, really. I SWEAR I saw the jaw of at least three Councillors drop when they saw me.



Alt-text: "Buring clothes off your body if you're too lazy to remove them properly is not recommended."

Updated on 2018-05-18

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