Maq: What happens now?
Ki'i'Mar: NOW we wait until they've finished talking in circles and concluded that I'm RIGHT. And THEN we start our journey into the SOUTH.
Maq: Do you really think they'll let you retrieve this artifact all by yourself, Gena?
Ki'i'Mar: Of course not, Maq. Don't be SILLY! But they can't send an armed force without provocing the APES and the DOGS down there. So they'll probably send a bunch of people with me to TRY to keep me in line.
Ki'i'Mar: Maybe even some Dragoons. That might even get INTERESTING, don't you think? But don't worry, I'll make sure you'll come along with me, too.
Maq: ,,, Gena?
Ki'i'Mar: Mhm?
Maq: You do not intend to "stay in line", do you?
Ki'i'Mar: ... NOT EVEN A BIT.



Alt-text: "You only get strong and mighty by chewing the scenery."

Happy new year 2017 everyone!

Updated on 2018-05-18

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