Updated on 2018-05-18

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<Kan'Dannen, Council Chambers>
Beol: You cannot POSSIBLY believe her! If there'd be some incoming danger of THAT magnitude the School of Analysis would have CAUGHT that! This is CLEARLY some kind of ploy of that INSUFFERABLE young girl to gain even MORE power!
Eshar: Please WATCH YOUR WORDS when speaking of a Gena, Councillor Beol. We have voted and the decision was clear.
Amshi'Kar: I agree. We cannot just ignore the word of a Gena on this. And besides that: What could she possibly gain politically by removing herself THAT far and long from Kan'Dannen?
Beol: Then we should AT LEAST ask Geni Kulim for his opinion on this matter! AND consult the School of Analysis before we send her off!
Amshi'Kar: We do NOT have time for that! The Baroc might as well ALREADY have agents on their way to retrieve the artifact!
Beol: This is a MISTAKE -
Eshar: ENOUGH. The decision has been made. We will keep an eye on Gena Ki'i'Mar, of yourse. We all know how young and unstable she is.
Beol: That is a JOKE!