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↓ Transcript
Beol: And how EXACTLY do we intend to "keep an eye" on her? She will venture FAR beyond our telepathic reach to search for a powerful artifact all by herself. Who knows what she intends to do with it once she has it in her claws?
Beol: She is a GENA, and one of the most POWERFUL since Mesh An'Shen! Even if we send dragoons with her, HOW MANY would they have to be to contain her? A dozen, MORE?
Ahry: THAT, Councillor Beol -
Ahry: - is something we should ask the Head of Defense. Ever since Gena Ki'i'Mar came into full power, I urged the School of Defense to spend increased effort observing her potential. Their main focus has been ... looking for ways to counter and disable her, should she ever become a danger.
Eshar: Good. Keep us updated, Councillor Ahry. Councillor Beol, try to reach Geni Kulim, anyway. We might still need him.
Eshar: Councillor Amshi'Kar, we should also consider officially reaching out to the humans and byzarians.
Amshi'Kar: I agree.
Eshar: Good. Prepare for that. The meeting is adjourned.