She’s back.


Welcome to chapter four … no, they *still* haven’t left for the jungle, there are still things to do before they leave (y’know, wrap up all sidequests and stuff, you never know if you’ll be able to come back).

But this chapter will deal somewhat less with the past of our protagonists and more with the things yet to come. Which will, of course, contain a lot of new problems. It’d be boring, otherwise.

Updated on 2018-05-19: I think I was just playing Dragon Age 2 when I posted this one, which shows in the above paragraph …

↓ Transcript
<Serpent's End, harbor, about two weeks later. Some kind of backyard with a shooting target. It already has 4 arrows in the central area>
<Shara aims with a bow and another arrow at the target, while Straw watches>
<Shara hits the fifth arrow into the Center>
Straw: DAMN, girl! That's five in a row! I REALLY shoulda said "bullseye", not just center ...
Shara: But you didn't. I told ya I'm good at this. Even with these excuses for an arrow. Better start counting my money already.