Straw: Don't get cocky, you'll jinx it ...
Shara: You wish.
<Shara hits the next arrow>
Straw: Aw ... come ON.
Straw: You KNOW I wanted to get drunk with that money ... tell you what: You botch the last one on purpose, we Forget the whole bet and I'll buy you a drink later?
Shara: <grins> I got a better idea: I hit the last one, grab you money and get smashed without you. Sounds good?
Straw: <sighs> You're a very cruel woman, Shara. Just don't expect any mercy if you lose, now.
Shara: Then I guess I SHOULDN'T.
<Shara hits the last one>
Shara: <smug> ... see?
Straw: Oh Empress why have you forsaken me?!
Shara: Yes, yes, suck it up. And PAY up. No excuses this time!



Updated on 2018-05-19

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